Christian counseling

When we go on our mission trips to Ukraine,Russia and Armenia, God sends individuals on our path who are in desperate need of basic care and attention. In one instance we found a woman who made her living by foraging in a dumpster, she would find half rotted herbs and vegetables that others would throw away and resell them. When we met her we told her about the good news of Jesus Christ and salvation through Him, we also gave her some food and clothes and directed her to our House of Mercy. She is now a thriving citizen in her community.

When we go to hospitals which house children with HIV and tuberculosis, we notice that the nurses have a lot of love for these helpless little children. These nurses also receive prayer and emotional support from our team.

In one instance God put an old lady on our path who was in desperate need of attention. The old lady was about 80 years old and she took care of her two disabled sons, who are both in their 60’s. When we came to their house it was obvious they were living in severe poverty. We donated medical supplies and produce to them. We also prayed for them and told them about the healing power of Jesus and the message of salvation. When we came back the next morning after praying for them, the two sons were completely healed and they could walk again, but most importantly they accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Because of God’s mercy, this old lady’s whole house was healed and saved.

Each time we go out on our mission trips, we pray that God will send people who are in desperate need of attention and salvation. God has always answered our prayers because He loves these souls that have been forgotten by their society.

When you help us financially, you are actually joining us in the mission field in helping the most desperate individuals in our world. We are not only helping them with their basic needs, we lead them to Christ through whom they receive eternal life. Thank you.

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