AIDS & Tuberculosis Patients

Our team of volunteers visits hospitals that permanently house infants and children who are infected with the AIDS virus. We spend time with each child individually by praying for each of them, reading to them, holding and hugging them. Each child gets individual attention by which they are comforted and loved. We also bring them new clothes, fruits, candy, toys, medical supplies and children’s Bibles.

It is very unfortunate that parents abandon their children in these specialized foster homes because they are born HIV positive. In some cases the parent feels that they are unable to take care of their child because of this disease. We have witnessed little children who have missing facial features and body parts because of the progression of this disease.

We have also witnessed the love of the staff for these precious children in these foster homes. The nurses truly love these children as if they were their own, and they also require emotional support from our volunteers. We provide emotional support by talking to them and praying for them. We also bring them various medical supplies and diapers to keep in stock at the hospital.

We also visit hospitals that permanently house children and adults who are infected with various stages of tuberculosis. Unfortunately advanced stages of tuberculosis cannot be treated but can only be contained, therefore children and adults have to be housed in these specialized foster homes to receive care. We have been asked by the staff to bring plastic and rubber toys for the children that could easily be disinfected. We also bring them diapers, fruits, books, medical supplies and Bibles for children and adults.

Each child and adult patient is very special in the eyes of God. Our primary goal is to bring that love down to them from heaven through our deeds and prayers. When we spend time with these children, we truly feel the love of God go through us and into them, and that love transforms them.

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