Mercy ministries

Our mercy ministries include (but not limited to):

  • Visitations to hospitals with terminally ill children and adults: we visit hospitals that house children with HIV and tuberculosis, we help them by bringing them diapers, medical supplies, toys, clothes, food and Bibles.
  • Visitations to foster homes that house severely disabled people: we visit these homes to provide emotional support for patients who have no hope by praying for them and donating medical supplies, clothes, food and Bibles.
  • House of Mercy: this home was built in Ukraine to house former inmates who would otherwise be homeless, or anyone who is in need of a roof above their head.
  • Rehab Center for drug addicts: the rehab center is run by people who help drug addicts get out of their addictions and restore their relationships with their loved ones. We financially support this rehab center and donate clothes, Bibles and food.
  • Firewood for heating: firewood is very expensive in rural parts of Armenia and Ukraine, we donate truck-fulls of firewood to families who cannot afford it. Some families are forced to live in box cars from old trains which don't have any insulation, it has been reported that some family members have died from cold because they could not afford to buy firewood.

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