Children are our future.  However, many children’s lives in Ukraine,Russia and Armenia are spent on the streets of the cities or in foster homes with bad living conditions and minimal care.  These children are orphaned because their parents have died or abandoned them.  Many of these children have also been brutally beaten by parents or relatives and they must flee for their lives.  Many are assigned to orphanages where they have minimal care, which provides them with a place to live and receive basic education.


We are committed to promoting the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children in Ukraine and Armenia by helping provide food, shelter, medical supplies, and most of all, love for these children.

We provide visitations from caring people in the community and summer camps so the children can get away for a while and be treated with love and dignity. Also, we provide fresh fruits, extra clothing, and Bibles.  These children know that they are loved and are prayed for by caring people in their city.

Summer Festivals:

We help finance children’s summer festivals which include puppet shows, jump houses, games, ice cream and snacks. The puppet shows are Biblically themed, which allows us to evangelize to the children during the festival.  The children enjoy interesting Bible stories through fun games and story-time. On numerous occasions the children’s parents have testified to us that they have noticed a positive change in their children’s behavior after the festivals.


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