Rehab center

The Rehabilitation Center “Salvation Ark” thanks those who have committed themselves to help set other people free. Our society has rejected them, but our God loves them very much…

If there is someone in your family struggling with a dependency, we encourage you to give us a call. Even when a person with a dependency refuses to come to the Center, we will give you advice on what you can do to get rid of that evil from your home.

The Center is a nonprofit organization running on support of people who are not indifferent to these societal problems. We believe that because of the Center, more families will find peace and happiness in their homes.

The Center continues to grow. In the nearest future we plan to finish a new building. More people will have an opportunity to restore their lives. The new building living capacity will hold 50-60 gentlemen and 15-20 ladies.

Friendly and supportive atmosphere in the Center makes people feel comfortable with eachother and as part of one large family. All participants regularly attend classes where we talk to them about what they are going through and how to react in different situations. Moreover we often visit schools and share with students our personal experiences.

It is very painful for a mother to watch her beloved and best in the world child become a drug addict or an alcoholic. It is not easy for them to talk about it or to reach out for help. We thank those parents who do not give up and fight for salvation of their children.

Majority of Center’s staff are past rehabilitants. With their personal experience they can counsel, support, understand, and guide others through their addictions. Personnel of the Center are volunteers familiar to the problem. They feel they can help others to gain new life. Relatives also play a special helping role in the patient's rehab. After all the closest people: wives, fathers, and mothers are more than others longing to see their loved ones to get well. Because of their disinterested help and offerings, the rehabilitation process in the Center is free of charge.

Today in our Center everyone who needs help can find the rehabilitation option that fit them best. More than a hundred people have been rehabilitated and set free from different kinds of dependencies.

We help those who wish but cannot overcome this problem alone and those who want to change their life for the better. We also offer a helping hand to all relatives of the dependant.

The Rehabilitation Center “Salvation Ark” has been founded to help those who wish to gain freedom from different kinds of dependencies such as alcoholism, smoking, and drug addiction.

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